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If you are a human being living on planet earth right now then YES !
YES, you need to be here ! lol 

Whether you feel Fear, Stress, Overwhelm, Anxiety, Anger, Guilt or Jealousy. 
Perhaps you feel powerless, lost or disconnected from life.    


If you wish you could find more Peace, Calm, Clarity or Certainty in everything. To find a sense of being grounded, stable, safe and secure. In the craziness of life.

We'd love to show you how....   

We ALL experience a HUGE range of emotions everyday, they influence all aspects of our lives. Swinging from one emotion to another. 
Feeling they control us, the truth is YOU control THEM.  



You Have The Power To Change Your Emotions Already 
You Can DO It Today 

(Sound Like You Then Read On)

.  Trust there is a reason you are here reading this right now.
Could it be the answer you've been asking for?   

Quantum physics, neuroscience and over 40 years of research into the state of FLOW has shown us time and time again, that WE shape our life experience.  

You see Nearly EVERYONE Is Missing This ONE THING When Trying To Change Their Life & Manifest. 
It is NO Secret - Everything IS Energy. When you shift the energy everything else begins to change. 

Once you learn HOW to master your energetic, mental and emotional state you regain control,
get more clarity and manage the ever changing situations that life throws at you.  

We'll show you HOW with The Energy Alignment Method - EAM
It's been dubbed “The Fastest Method For Getting In Flow”. 

With 78% Experiencing A Significant Shift In Their Life Experience, Feeling More Love, Joy And Empowerment In Just A Few Days  
^^^^^ We were so blown away to see this happen for so many people using EAM ^^^^^
 for just a few minutes a day. 
We’d Love To Share This Powerful Energy Psychology Technique With You 
So You Can Shift Your Energy, Thoughts & Emotions
Change Your Life, Feel Happier And Be More In Flow.

We've been at this a while now too more than 17,000+ joined Fear to Love and taken part in our  research studies into the 5 Steps of EAM - The Energy Alignment Method over the last 5 years 
Here is a tiny peek at some stats 

Join us for Fear To Love, learn how use EAM to shift your emotions, feel more grounded, calm, confidence, love and happiness in less than 10 minutes per day. 

Get access to over 21 powerful transformational affirmations.

If you’re wondering why or what is the catch. There truly is none. 

With everything happening in the world right now, we want to make EAM as easily accessible for everyone. 
So more people can find this inner connection to keep moving forwards in life.

When we have something so powerful, which has changed thousands of lives,
it's our duty to make it easy for everyone, to say yes to themselves. 

As a little win on the side we can change the planet at the same time.
That is our soul intention, it's really simple.

In the 8 day journey we'll be introducing you to this emotional scale and show you how you can release emotions which hold you back & allow more of the ones you need !
Discover the 5 Steps of EAM, Learn about the frequency scale, your energy system & three flows of energy.
Release fear, powerlessness, depression, guilt and hopelessness, allow in grounded security & safety
Transform sadness, grief, loneliness, hatred and anger, so you can empower yourself to do anything.
Shift jealousy, resentment, blame, insecurity and worry. Rediscover calm and inner strength. 
Let go of anxiety, overwhelm, stress or boredom and connect to more calm contentment in life
Open your heart as we move to more strength, confidence, peace, compassion and hope. 
Manifest your future, with more happiness, find enthusiasm for life, feel proud & excited.
Finally in the frequency of love, peace, passion, connection to life and feeling at one with it all. 


Yes, two REALLY important questions !

So my name’s Yvette Taylor and I’m the creator of The Energy Alignment Method® (EAM) 

You’ll also see below meet Lisa Hammond Co Founder of EAM together we’re on a bit of a mission..  Nothing too big .. you know - just playing our part in changing the planet !  

Sharing EAM inside this 8 day Fear To Love journey is one way we want to help make that happen.

Now you’re probably asking WHAT IS EAM?

The Energy Alignment Method® (EAM), is an internationally recognised complementary therapy. A simple yet transformational 5 step self-help technique designed to shift energy, thoughts and emotions so you can change what you see, feel or experience in your life.

It’s been described as a bridge between science and spirituality. EAM is founded from over 20+ years of working with energy medicine, Law of Attraction and traditional Chinese medicine. It’s a blend of kinesiology, neuroscientific research, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology and Eastern practice.  By combining these concepts EAM allows you to be in ‘flow’ – that harmonious state where you feel totally in tune with life, in the zone and trust everything is working out for you. 

However EAM is more than another ‘woo woo’ mindset tool, there is no need to regurgitate the past or dig up memories. It is more than a manifesting tool it’s a way of life. Here is a very simple insight into happens with the 5 Steps themselves 

Step 1 - You Ask                   Ask your subconscious a question 

Step 2 - You Move                Your energy field will respond  

Step 3 - You Experience      Get clear how it affects your energy  

Step 4 - You Transform        Release the what stands in your way 

Step 5 - You Manifest          Create a new thought, belief, pattern, emotion or experience 

There is clearly more to it than this, and we’ll introduce you to this practice when you join us for
FEAR TO LOVE and show you how to transform your energy, create positive thinking, shift feelings and change your outlook.


Please only join this journey if you’re actually ready to experience big transformations and shifts in your energy and change what you see in your life in a short time period. 

This journey is more than a note-taking exercise or something where you can build up to results in six months or a year. 

The EAM process works quickly, often immediately - it is often a lot faster than any other method or approach you may be used to. In taking part in the journey you take full responsibility for yourself. So if you’re open to seeing real, significant changes in your life you will get the most from being part of this 8 day journey.

If you feel your mind, body and soul is ready for this change, then please continue reading

Here Is The Bit Our Mum's Would Be Proud To Read 

Truth be told, we're two mummies with a big vision to keep this planet safe for future generations 
 to remind everyone the power that we have. Here is the 

About Yvette Taylor
Yvette Taylor is the creator of EAM – The Energy Alignment Method, which is an internationally recognised complementary therapy and author of The Ultimate Self help book. She has spent over 20 years using and teaching eastern principles, spiritual practices and self-development in the UK and internationally.

She is a multi-award winning transformational spiritual and business coach, international best-selling author, inspirational speaker, therapist, mentor and change maker.  Yvette is currently leading an ever growing team of nearly 100+ EAM mentors who are taking this work into the world.

She was voted the Top 10 Holistic Therapists In The UK – Holistic Therapy Magazine, Winner of the Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award, as well as multiple awards for "UK’s Best Coaching And Mentoring Business", "Shining Online" and for making an impact and being an inspiration to women in the UK.
About Lisa Hammond
Lisa Hammond is the creator of Universal Heart Ascension and Co-founder of EAM, The Energy Alignment Method.  

Having worked for more than 20 years as a therapist, coach and healer, empowering those who are ready to change their lives shift their frequency.

Lisa has trained with industry leaders, such as Anne Jirsch, Penny Horsburgh, in Future Life Progression and Past Life Regression, Reiki Master and Teaching, Egyptian Alchemy Healing and is a Visionary Life Stylist. 

One of the first 20 EAM mentors in the World. Has spoken on stage in front of thousands of people at live events. 

Together over the last few years have taken EAM out to more than 50,000+ people around the world. 


If You Follow & Implement What We Share in
8 Day Journey & It You Feel It Has Yet To Shift You From  
Then We'll Simply Refund Your Money .... 

You Have Everything To Gain

Join Us Today And Get Access To 
21 Powerful Transformational Affirmations Inside 
The "Fear To Love" Journey
Absolutely Free!!! 

Tina Grayson

This was the most incredible experience. To offer such an act of kindness and allow us to take part I feel so touched and overwhelmed it was my birthday and originally I had planned to run a work shop from home on the energy work I do
It was great to hang out with like minded people and I adored it so informative. I ordered the book immediately I had face surgery thurs to remove some cancer and This was the best birthday gift I received meeting your self and your team I’ve spent the last 49 years self developing my self and as a life coach hypnotherapist this is a course every body ❤️❤️😂😂😂😂😂 should do xxx

Maria Jordan

Having just taken part in my second event (this time online) with Yvette and her amazing team, I can honestly say it's and experience not to be missed. Yvette is an incredibly gifted and knowledgeable teacher and this weekend I have learnt some more amazing techniques and tools to assist in every area of life. Truly inspiring. Thank you Yvette and team

Suzie Welstead

Just got back on Facebook after two days of training on with with EAM team. What an experience an online experience would highly recommend you to join an amazing bunch of energy healers. I really didn’t want it to end was deep emotional work all in the comfort of my own home and really enjoyed the exercises. Step 5 was a great experience and the meditation to end was mind blowing. A huge thank you to you all for your time and expertise and a huge thank you goes to my friend Jane for passing on the details. Sending you all love and kindness as my gratitude and appreciation is tenfold for such a great experience. ���

Amanda Kreisler

Yvette you are an AMAZING LADY....
THANK YOU THANK YOU  The knowledge and understanding that you have given me as already changed my life....If everyone out there knew about EAM the Universe would be a better place... Spreading the word.......
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